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Very exciting day as a programmer. Starting to make my mark on the digital world.

I wrote this program in Python, I hope people take a look at it, took me quite some time.

One of the fun features I added to give quicker visual ques, cards allowed to be played have my initials inside them! 🙂

Ahhh, the little things…


Really, I created this program for educational purposes. Also, its always good to commit as many hours as possible to a new language to pickup the syntax faster.

661 lines of code

80+ hours to complete (probably more)

Difficulty level: Intermediate

How to play:

About this code: The game is displayed in the terminal using ascii art to produce a means of objectifying the results The AI is extremely smart, I haven’t wont a game yet. Basically, I studied the best strategies for the game and mixed in that strategy with my own strategy to make the AI seem more organic The goal of making AI that’s hard enough has been achieved

Things still needed to be done:

  • AI never tries to shoot the moon
  • User input error printouts need improvement
  • For expert AI I only need to make some revisions to the section where the AI makes a decision if no one else has played yet, as of right now the AI always chooses the first card

Things I would have done differently:

  • I didn’t work in classes, that is a regret but this is the first program I have ever written in Python so it was a great learning experience regardless
  • I realize now after seeing how other game developers create trick card games they always have one AI on expert, one AI on intermediate, and one AI on easy
    • I guess this would be achieved with easy AI checking which cards are legally playable and choosing a random card. Intermediate would be somewhere in between.
    • Since this is a trick card game and not for example chess, the user isn’t going to think about decision making for 10 minutes each card, so obviously the AI that can exhaust the best possible card in milliseconds can’t compare
    • “5 minute games” than should have a mixtured AI for a more pleasurable experience

What I learned:

  • How to implement decision exhaustive AI
  • Improved list comprehensions in Python
  • The usefulness of .sort for arrays
    • unique difference in manipulation of String vs. Integer
  • Expert level Heart strategy
  • Added Array.extend(list) to my memories repertoire
  • Use of try and except
  • multi-dimensional arrays
  • effective automated testing / debugging
  • Inheritance vs. Composition
  • etc.

Please leave feedback if you have suggestions or comments, this was purely created for educational purposes and any advice would be invaluable to me


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B.S. Industrial Management - Grove City College Studied Applied Electronics at Wake Technical Community College
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