Elementary OS


switching to Elementary OS was the best decision I’ve made. I am a huge fan of its simplicity, visual aesthetics, and a useful workflow. I’ve had a mac for a long time but my home computer is a PC, so of course I don’t want windows. Ubuntu as of late has been getting a little bulky and there has been a lot of competition with unity/gnome/emerald/etc but Luna takes all the best things you see in Ubuntu, and not only sticks with the highly efficient 12.04 Ubuntu kernel but also did all of the work of setting up an out of the box pleasant experience.

My setup:


IF Elementary interests you check out:


more specifically there post “Top Things to Do After Installing Luna”

very useful

Where I got the icon set:


I will post my conky setup in a later post…

another useful tip and lets be honest, in Linux you type “sudo apt-get install/update/etc” all the time, WHY? It’s useful to memorize the original method for communication purposes but there is such a simple method to simplify your terminal life… to do so:

open your files and in the Home directory press “CTR+H” to view hidden files. Open “.bashrc” and append (add to the end) these:

# Root access to pantheon-files

alias room=”gksudo pantheon-files”

#Shorten scratch name

alias scratch=”scratch-text-editor”

#shorten sudo install

alias sinstall=”sudo apt-get install”

#Shorten sudo update

alias supdate=”sudo apt-get update”

#adding a repository

alias sudor=”sudo add-apt-repositry”

To turn .jpg files into ascii art in the terminal download ‘jp2a’

If the image file is not a .jpg use:

‘convert file.png newfile.jpg’

it may not be preinstalled software but the terminal will kindly let you know what you need to install.


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