How to Think Like a Genius

I read recently in an article that to think like a genius there were nine steps:

Nine approaches to creative problem solving:

  1. Rethink! Look at problems in many different ways.

  2. Visualize! Utilize diagrams and imagery to analyze your dilemma.

  3. Produce! Genius is productive.

  4. Combine! Make novel combinations…

  5. Form! Form relationships.

  6. Opposite! Think in opposites.

  7. Metaphor/simile! Think metaphorically.

  8. Failure! Learning from your mistakes is one example of using failure.

  9. Patience! Don’t confuse inspiration with ideas.


Pretty interesting how there is such a simplicity to this philosophy. It makes total sense too considering it’s just a more intricate variation of the scientific method.

About craiggleso

B.S. Industrial Management - Grove City College Studied Applied Electronics at Wake Technical Community College
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