My path to Japanese

I decided this blog will track my efforts in learning Japanese. The idea is to show from start to finish the methods I used to fluency so others may follow in my footsteps. I will attempt to adhere to the strict use of daily blogging. I have already begun the first hill in learning hiragana and katakana. This was to make sure I was committed. Another note is that I’ve already learned roughly 40 kanji. I have learned minimal grammar. And so, to match my knowledge step by step (assuming I learn Japanese within a timeframe that seems worthy of you checking this blog) I will present you with what you should know before you start matching my progress… Day for day:

Smaller tsu replicates the consonant before it
The first 40 kanji from the book “remember the kanji”
romaji “desu” pronounced “Des” is used to be a linking verb “is”.
Subject-Object-Verb is the typical structure for Japanese.
If I’m missing some the next post will include it.

Note: I am using anki for kanji and will in the future start creating a deck from scratch that takes words and the most simplistic sentences I can get my hands on, but right now I’m using flash cards. As for anki and kanji I have TWO decks. The first says a word and I have to mentally conjure up the image. The second deck shows a kanji and I have to remember the word. I’m not interested in knowing the sounds associated yet since there are typically more than one, that will be when I start learning phrases and words.

Word of the day:
Romaji: ani
Hiragana: あに
Kanji: 兄
Meaning: Brother
Sentence: 私の兄は技師です – my brother is an engineer
The “no” represents possession. Watashi is I or me. Ha pronounced Wa introduces the object. Desu is the linking verb “is”

That’s all for this post.


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